Magical History Tour, Day Four (Continued): And Onward!

After many wrong turns, we finally made it out of the gardens (and it wasn’t even supposed to be a hedge maze!), and managed to find our way to the two museums devoted to the stones– the Keiller-focused museum, and the museum in the barn, whose charming thatch roof was being restored, served a dual purpose as a museum/interpretation center and a bat habitat! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any bats 😦 Maybe next time.

It was strange being the only visitors in the museums– the audio from the interactive exhibits boomed sharply through the silence. It was a little awkward. Maybe a lot awkward.

We stopped for a quick bite in the tea room before heading out to the stones. The rain had finally stopped, and the low rays of twilight provided a lovely glow by which to explore the stones… although it was less than ideal to spot the various droppings that littered the field. (File that under things the guidebooks don’t tell you– many historical sites are also grazing grounds, so you have to watch where you step. That is– if you don’t want poo on your shoes.)

Although Joe didn’t want to drive in the dark, nervous as he still was about driving on British roads, by this point it was clear that would be unavoidable. We would have to find our way to Trowbridge in the dark.



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