Magical History Tour, Day Four (continued): Away to Avebury

Roman Baths checked off our list of things to do, Joe and I set off to embark on the next step of our journey: Avebury.

However, our first appointment was with something– anything– to get the taste of “dirty human body”-flavored Baths water out of our mouths.  After a momentary delay in the gift shop– which, oddly, sold rings inscribed with Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings Elvish alongside its Baths paraphernalia– we stopped at a nearby Tesco for the necessary refreshments:

  • A big bottle of water
  • A box of GoAhead Yogurt Breaks
  • Two bags of Walker’s Thai Sweet Chili crisps (my favorite crisps in the world)
  • Two bags of Walkers Thai Sweet Chili-flavoured peanuts (truth be told, these were a bit of a disappointment)
  • A couple of bottles of Lucozade (aka crack-juice)

And we were set.

We braved our way through the spider gauntlet for the last time, piled in the car, set up the SatNav and started our first driving journey of any substantial distance. I was, as ever, the navigator.

Ten minutes in and we’d already learned to dread the inevitable: “In one mile/one half mile/500 feet enter roundabout.”

The roundabouts! We were prepared for narrow roads (at least we thought we were), tiny cars, and driving on the left, but the roundabouts! There are SO MANY. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, having made it safely through the narrow city streets, frequent stoplights and pedestrians, we were set upon by a plague of roundabouts!

And then, of course, it started raining on top of it all. Because, you know, it would.

After countless roundabouts, a few close calls with some curbs, but blessedly no damage, we followed the signs to the Avebury Stones car park, by now an absolute mud pit. A trailer stood close to the walking path into town/toward the stones, providing information about the area. And right next to the trailer?

A Land Rover.

I watched the stress Joe had built up during the drive evaporate as soon as he spotted it. We were supposed to be there.

It was still raining, but we put the previous day’s questionable umbrella purchase to good use and set off for the stones.


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