Magical History Tour, Day Three: Epilogue

By the time we awoke, it was 10pm.

[God, that bed was great. So many pillows!]

Neither of us could rally the ambition to make our way back into a town which may or may not be open and may or may not be serving food (plus, you know, spiders), so we decided we’d have dinner in.

Our foodstuffs limited to a couple of granola bars between us, we settled on a very delicious, very adult, dinner of granola bars, tea, and more than a few pieces of the decadent shortbread conveniently placed in the hallway. Sure, we were starving, but even if we weren’t, how could we resist?

We resolved to go grocery shopping the next day.

A few late night TV movies later, we went to bed properly so we could attack Day 4: The Baths (Redux), Standing Stones, Wonderland Mazes, and yes, More Land Rovers.


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