NaBloPoMo and The Magical History Tour: The Plan

I’d hoped to post about the Magical History Tour while I was actually on it, but it didn’t really work out that way, aside from two whole posts– one on the first day and one essentially on the last. With all the roaming about, adventuring and traveling from place to place, it was hard to find the time, space and internet access to sit down and write.   I took notes, though, figuring that at a minimum, I’d be able to post later–  certainly  after I returned home.

As it turns out, November is a month of many things. Not only is it Movember, the month when several of your guy-friends grow creepy mustaches in the name of men’s health and prostate cancer awareness, but it is also apparently both National Novel Writing Month  and National Blog Posting Month.  In light of this, my postponed posting has actually been really fortuitous– I’m enrolling in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) to challenge myself to post one blog entry every day. I expect that the majority of them will cover the adventures from my recent holiday fortnight (a.k.a. The Magical History Tour) and ensure that I share photos and stories from the trip in a timely(ish) manner.

So, here we go.

The Magical History Tour: The Plan

I already posted about Day One, but let’s backtrack a little.

For the last several months, I researched, plotted and planned for a two-week holiday to the UK which I would undertake with my boyfriend/adventure partner of the last six years, Joe. Our last two week trip to the UK (in 2008) was full of lofty ambitions to travel around the country– or indeed, around Europe– but, going into it without any solid plans, it culminated in a lovely two weeks in Central London instead.  This time, I made sure we had PLANS. Loose plans, admittedly, but at the very least plans to travel from Point A to Point B to Point C on fixed dates. From there, we could play it by ear and explore the area as we wanted once we got there.

But where to go? How do you decide where to explore and set down your head for the night in a country full of so many interesting places to visit? We knew we wanted to explore the real heart of the country, the local places,  which meant we certainly couldn’t rely solely on guidebooks touting “must see” attractions or pre-arranged scheduled tours. We were in search of ADVENTURE!

When I asked Joe what he wanted out of the trip, if there was anything he wanted to see, he gave me one thing: “Land Rovers.”


As such, I did what I do best–I did A LOT of research, eventually settling on crafting a trip primarily centered around major historical landmarks or areas and then branching out from there. And, of course, including Land Rovers.


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